Dan Robinson - septic system owner

"In late Fall 2011 I had Underground Solutions install a complete raised bed septic system at my home in Redbridge (line, tank, pump chamber and bed).  The location and weather conditions made this particular job, well let’s just say it was more than difficult, however Eric completed the job within two weeks and I now have peace of mind that I have a reliable system and my yard actually looks better than it was before."

Gilles & Denise Paquette - wet basement repair

"Thank you Eric for the excellent work you recently did at our house.  In the spring we were faced with a serious water problem in the basement, a problem we thought had been resolved 3 years earlier.  You were able to complete a full scope of our weeping tile system and you identified several problem areas.  Once the problems were identified, you worked out recommendations and costs to remedy the situation and provided us the best possible solutions.  You kept us informed of the developments, you were on schedule with the repairs and upgrades.  We have great peace of mind knowing that even in a power failure our battery operated sump pump will work.  We continue to be very pleased with the walkway, especially with detail in the stone and interlocking brick you installed.  Your work has received many compliments.  We would definitely recommend you, not only for your workmanship and professional advice, but because it was a pleasure to deal with you, thank you for coming to our home and helping us out."

Kenalex Constructions Company Limited -  Bernie Graham, Project Manager  

"Eric and his crew were professional in their approach to working with us and provided a quality product. Working in an occupied school environment presents certain challenges.  Eric and his crew cooperated with us and the design team in a professional manner that resulted in a successful project for all involved.  You can see his work at the front entry of West Ferris High School in North Bay."