Septic Installation Septic Installation Septic Installation

Septic Installation

Whether you require a new septic system or are having difficulties with an existing one, Underground Solutions is here to help.  We pride ourselves in designing systems that are efficient, environmentally friendly and crafted to suit that each home’s particular environment.  We continuously strive to learn more about the science of wastewater treatment and its various types of systems.  We stay up to date with the industry’s manufacturing developments training, and changes to the Ontario Building Code and by taking regular Ministry approved courses.  As a member of OOWA (Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association) we are connected to an unlimited supply of industry resources and training which give us the tools needed to address any questions or concerns.  Please visit to learn more about wastewater treatment or simply gives us a call or email your questions and we will gladly assist you.                    

Building Code Identification License Number:   37156