Hello Everyone,

My name is Eric Periard and I am the owner and operator of Underground Solutions.  I started this company in June 2008 eager to combine my heavy equipment skills with a passion for landscaping.  As a landscaper, I was quick to learn the art of interlocking brick and wall block which I primarily used to construct several driveways, walkways, patios, front entrances and retaining walls for both residential and commercial clients.  By my second year in business, I decided to diversify my business and pursue my interest in excavation.  I received my Ontario Building Code Sewage System Installer’s license allowing me to design and construct onsite sewage systems.  I have since installed numerous systems and further my knowledge through courses and workshops.   I have always had a keen interest in wet basements, how and why they leak.  I use an effective four step approach to wet basement repair which has been proven to work very effectively.  In addition, we repair broken water and sewer lines and offer backhoe, excavator and dump truck services if you so desire.  As you can see I have tailored my company around both landscaping and excavations because I believe that one cannot be complete without the other.  I encourage you to browse through my website to learn more about my company and see for yourself some of the fantastic work I have done over a short period of time!

Thanks for joining me,

Eric Periard